Best Dental Hungary: Treatments and fees

Here is our price list from which you can find out what your treatment would approximately cost. However, the prices are for information only. Our dentists can tell you the exact price of the treatment after a thorough examination. This can be much more or much less than the price you calculate on this site.

The outstanding medical work at our dental clinic meets European Union standards. During our dental activities we exclusively use materials and technology that comply with the requirements of the strictest domestic and international professional quality assurance. Our laboratory background is also acknowledged internationally. Accordingly, we offer full guarantee for the work performed at our dental clinic (for details see bottom).


Consultation Gratis
Digital X-Ray Gratis
Digital Ortho-Pantograph X-ray35 EUR
CT Scan (Cone Beam)120 EUR
Gnathological treatment - Face Bow Registration400 EUR
Arcus Digma 2 - 3D Digital Bite Registration Info500 EUR

Oral Surgery/Implantology

Alpha Bio Implant (incl. abutment, lifetime guarantee - only on the product)650 EUR
Nobel Biocare Implant (incl. abutment, 10 year guarantee - only on the product)990 EUR
Sinus Lift750 EUR
Artificial Bone Replacement (maximum cost/quadrant)750 EUR
Sinus Closing120 EUR
Extraction45 EUR
Extraction (surgical)125 EUR
Resection125 EUR

Periodontal Surgery

Closed Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Quad150 EUR
Closed Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Tooth30 EUR
Open Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Quad350 EUR
Open Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Tooth50 EUR
Emdogain (maximum cost / quadrant)750 EUR

Conservative Dentistry

Composite Filling75 EUR
Cement Filling35 EUR
Root Canal Treatment/Canal100 EUR
Soft Laser Treatment Gratis
e.max Ceramic Inlay/Onlay Info Enhanced Aesthetics with e.max (5 year guarantee)245 EUR
Composite Inlay/Onlay (Gradia)195 EUR

Restorative Dentistry

Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal (5 year guarantee)250 EUR
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal On Implant (5 year guarantee)275 EUR
Porcelain Crown Fused To Metal (long term temporary)130 EUR
Porcelain Bridge Unit Fused To Metal250 EUR
Zirconium Full Porcelain Crown (5 year guarantee)395 EUR
e.max Porcelain Veneer Info Enhanced Aesthetics with e.max (3 year guarantee)395 EUR
e.max Full Porcelain Crown Info Enhanced Aesthetics with e.max (5 year guarantee)395 EUR
Alpha Bio Full Porcelain Abutment (5 year guarantee)350 EUR
Full Cast Metal Crown130 EUR
Nobel Biocare Full Porcelain Abutment (5 year guarantee)350 EUR
Aesthetic Shoulder Porcelain (3 year guarantee)50 EUR
Plastic Crown/Acrylic Crown (made in the lab)50 EUR
Temporary Crown (made at the chair) Gratis
Post/Core100 EUR
Plastic Bridge Unit/Acrylic Bridge Unit40 EUR
Zirconium Post/Core150 EUR
Glass Fiber Post/Core100 EUR
Crown/Bridge Removal Gratis


Denture Upper or Lower (complete with teeth) (1 year guarantee)500 EUR
Cast Partial Upper or Lower (complete with teeth) (3 year guarantee)600 EUR
Locator (3 year guarantee)550 EUR
Locator (if implant was placed here) (3 year guarantee)450 EUR
Telescopic Crown (primary and secondary) (3 year guarantee)300 EUR
Precision Attachment (3 year guarantee)300 EUR
Long Term Temporary Partial Denture300 EUR
Denture Reline/Rebase70 EUR
Adding Tooth50 EUR


Dental Hygienic Treatment60 EUR
Conventional Tooth Whitening Upper/Lower (kit)235 EUR
Zoom Tooth Whitening Upper/Lower275 EUR
Night-guard150 EUR
Laughing Gas/General Anaesthesia (hourly)130 EUR
Gold/gr55 EUR / gr
Medical package40 EUR
Tooth Jewel95 EUR
Sleeping surgery500 EUR


Our dental clinic offers outstanding quality in dental treatment that complies with European Union standards. During our dental activities we apply exclusively materials and technologies that comply with the strictest international and national professional and quality assurance requirements. Our laboratory background is internationally acknowledged. Accordingly, we offer full guarantee for the work performed at our dental clinic.

Duration of guarantee:

Fillings, inlays: 1 year
Fixed, removable and combined dentures: 2 years
Nobel Biocare implants: 10 years

Criteria for guarantee validation:

  • You adhere to the oral hygienic instructions your treating dentist provided.
  • You participate in the free controls (every 3 months or 6 months) at our dentistry as prescribed by your treating dentist.
  • You have the maintenance treatments (e.g., plaque removal, prosthesis sublining) recommended by your dentist performed within at least 30 days.



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