PROCERA scanner

PROCERA scanner

In the spirit of innovation, the Bestdental Clinic is now equipped with a PROCERA laser scanner.
Dental procedures under anaesthesia

Dental proceduresunder anaesthesia

Interventions requiring anaesthesia are performed at our clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and devices by qualified and experienced specialised physicians.
3D X-ray

3D X-ray

Physicians always has to ensure maximum safety for their patients, especially in case of the most serious operations.
Microscopic root canal therapy

Microscopic rootcanal therapy

With the most up-to-date techniques, the success rate of root canal therapies is for the best result.
Professional bite analysis with Arcus Digma II procedure

Professional bite analysiswith Arcus Digma II procedure

Why might this ultrasound bit analysis device be important to you?

You just have to take a few steps in favor of a brilliant smile:


Send us a panoramic X-RAY via e-mail and within 48 hours we will send you a personalized treatment plan and quotation. Of course we are available on phone or via e-mail if you have some questions after you have received the treatment plan.


We discuss the date of the treatment and you travel to Budapest on the given date. At your request, we will arrange your journey, book your flight and hotel, and have one of our colleagues meet you at the airport and bring you to the hotel. We pay special attention that our patients feel good in Budapest; therefore, we highly recommend hotels in different categories tested by Best Dental Hungary.


Our team of dentists do the neccessary dental treatment at our world-class clinic. We place great emphasis on treating you in the safest and friendliest environment. That’s why we follow the strictest hygienic and professional protocol, and we try to give our patients the most thorough information about treatments. In our clinic, the equipment available (3D CT Scan, Nobel Guide, Soft laser, Heal Ozone, Ondoflex, Procera, etc) is the same as that found in world-class dental clinics as well.


You fly back home with your new, georgeous smile. After the treatment we are still available for you in Budapest. Our clinic offers a three-years guarantee for treatments and a ten-years guarantee for implants. Our patients receive a guarantee certificate after the treatment. The criteria for the guarantee are regular checkups and appropriate oral hygiene.

As we have many years experience in foreign patient care we know that our patients have many questions. Under FAQ we hopefully can blow away all your doubts.

Join the camp of those patients of ours who have left our clinic after a dental treatment with smile on their face. Here are six reasons to smile:

  1. Best Dental Hungary is among the leading dental and implantation centres in Budapest.
  2. Best Dental Hungary has 17 years of experience and 34 featured professionals: general dentistry, dentoalveolar surgery, orthodontics and other experts.
  3. Our services cover the whole palette of dentistry.
  4. The prices we offer are the fraction of the prices in many Western European countries. Please check out our prices.
  5. Free consultation.
  6. Our sales representative is available whole day, contact us with confidence regarding any questions. We even arrange your whole journey.