Best Dental Hungary: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Hungarian dentists?

Yes, of course. Hungarian medical universities provide European standard, high level education actively involving internationally recognized researchers and dentists. After graduation our dentists attend regular postgradual courses to update and expand their knowledge, so that they can provide you with the most precise and excellent treatment.

Why is it worth to come to Budapest for dental treatment?

Beyond the 60-70% cost saving you can have a tour in Budapest, the town also known as the “Queen of Danube” or the “Paris of East”.

How can a dental treatment be cheaper than in Western European countries? Does cheaper dental treatment mean lower quality?

Our highly qualified and expert dentists work with the most up-to-date materials and world-class technology that comply with the strictest European regulations. We pay special attention to sterilization. However, due to Hungary’s economic situation, the lower salary standards, lower levels of energy costs, and the lower quality of life, prices are also lower. Our dentists study in excellent universities, thus they have a very high level of professional knowledge.

If I have chosen the dentist/dental clinic in Budapest, what should I do?

You can find the necessary information if you click on Contact. You may contact us via one of the provided telephone numbers or via e-mail, sending us your scanned panoramic radiogram, your name, e-mail address and phone number. You may also ask your questions, and our dentists will be at your disposal to answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may also address your questions via our website under the Edentist forum of the Dentist answers tab.

How can I receive information about the necessary treatments, the necessary time intervals, and treatment prices?

In case you send your panoramic radiogram via e-mail, our dentists prepare your treatment plan within maximum 3days. This plan includes all the costs of the treatment and the foreseeable time schedules as well. (In case several options appeal to you, we will certainly send you them all, so that you can choose the most favourable.)

How can I find accommodation in Budapest?

If you request, we book your accommodation in the price category you indicate.

How to travel?

There are many low-cost airlines with direct flights to Budapest from several towns in Europe such as London, Paris, Athen, Barcelona, Dublin, Amsterdam, etc. From the Budapest airport you can get to the city centre by taxi, airport minibus or public transportation.

Being a foreigner how will I make myself understood with my dentist?

You don’t need to worry about this! Our free Hungarian-English interpreter is always available during the treatment.

How do I pay?

We accept euro. You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. In case of any prosthetic work we ask for an advance payment preferably in cash. The sum of this advance payment can be established after we see the panoramic radiogram. We can make out both cash-type and bank transfer type invoices for the treatment.

What about the guarantee?

We undertake the guarantee for both the materials and the technology we use.



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