Best Dental Hungary: Treatments and fees: 3D Cone Beam CT scan (3D X-RAY)


120 EUR

Gendex enters a new dimension in dental imaging with the GXCB-500, powered by I-CAT, the leading technology in ConeBeam 3D imaging.

The GXCB-500 offers dental proffessionals a unique medium field of view providing immediate diagnostic information for their patients making it easy to precisely plan implant treatment with exact measurements prior to surgery and reduce the risk of undetected nerve canals and deterioreted bone structure.

The 3D diagnostic capabilities of the GXCB-500 provide anatomically accurate imagery of critical anatomical details with no distortion or magnification. And offers 3D cross sectional slices of the maxilla, mandible and other areas. The GXCB-500 doubles as a traditional 2D panoramic without having to switch to another sensor. To minimize movement the GXCB-500 features seated patient postioning. Patient positioning is easy with the push button controls and adjustable chinrest. With a fast 8.9-second scantime in standrad EDS mode and a 26-second scantime in High-res mode the GXCB-500 provides excellent resolution. The GXCB-500 is capable of 3D reconstruction in less then 20 seconds. Plus with small file size under 20 megabytes clinicians can easily share patient data.

Dentists, who make this treatment:

  1. Dr. Péter Jancsecz



  • Monday-Friday7:30-20:00
  • Saturday too7:30-20:00