Best Dental Hungary: Before - after: Solving the complete upper and lower toothlessness if little bone substance is suitable for implantation.

The 62 year old female patient only had enough bone quantity for implantation in the front part of the lower jaw

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The lady’s full upper and lower dentures were missing when she visited our clinic. Because the entire upper jaw-bone and the side of the lower jaw-bone were unsuitable for implantation, we decided in favour of an overdenture solution.
The lower denture’s part supported by the implants and the gum.
Three NobelBiocare implants were implanted into the lower front area. After a three month of ossification, we have made a removable prosthesis with screwed bridge of gold alloy and metal disks clasping with hidden fine mechanical fasteners ("hidden snaps").
This denture rivals from both aesthetic and functional aspects with the completely porcelain-covered fixed bridges. For the upper jaw, a plastic-based removable denture was prepared. The top and bottom dentures are manufactured by Ivoclar (made in Liechtenstein).



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