Best Dental Hungary: Before - after: The dental rehabilitation of the 65-year-old female patient’s total lower toothlessness using the NobelGuide process.

Related treatments: : 3D Cone Beam CT scan (3D X-RAY), Panoramic X-ray, Anaesthesia (ITN), NobelReplace, Alpha-Bio, Branemark, NobelActive, Abutment (titanium or zircon), Sinus-lift with biomaterial (Bio-Oss), Sinus-lift with biomaterial (Bio-Oss) + own bone
The initial state: the lower toothless jaw-bone.
Based on the CT image, the surgical template produced previously in Sweden allows implantation without exploration (cut). This procedure involves minimal trauma.
The implants are inserted with the help of the surgical template.
During the surgery, the gums had to be opened slightly only to insert the implants.
Based on the surgical template, the position of the implants was known to us in advance.
The bridges, that get onto the implants, have been prepared in advance (until the final ossification, only temporary bridge, that has been fixed by screws firmly).
The patient leaves the clinic with a fixed dental prosthesis ca. one hour after the start of the surgery.



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