Best Dental Hungary: Before - after: Upper and lower overall aesthetic rehabilitation with Procera zirconia crowns.

The lady received upper and lower Procera circle bridge after the two right bottom implants (NobelActive) were implanted. This solution, beyond aesthetic rehabilitation, protects the teeth from further caries or loosening.

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The denture of our middle-aged female patient working in a high position had to be corrected from aesthetic and functional point of view. Initial state: old, worn out, carious fillings and a row of teeth with partial dentures.
The temporary upper bridge made in our clinic immediately after the grinding made our patient happy.
We have fixed the final Procera zirconia crowns. The substantial aesthetic difference between the lower and the upper teeth is visible, not to mention the functionality.
For the rehabilitation of the lower denture, two NobelActive implants were inserted in the right side region. No tooth had to be extracted. The Procera Zirconia crowns have satisfied the maximum aesthetic and dental needs even in this case.
Patient rejoices over her healthy and beautiful teeth.



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