Best Dental Hungary: Before - after: Cost-effective tooth implantation when little lateral jaw-bone is available

The 56-year-old male patient has suffered from his useless, instable prosthesis for years. The removable lower denture disturbed eating and speech unpleasantly.

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The chewing surface of the new denture.
The new denture’s bottom surface fixed to the implant.
Four AlphaBio implants were implanted in the proper bone quantity of the front lower jaw. We could make a screwed bridge and a removable denture with clasping metal disks two months later.
The denture after placing it onto the implants. The complete denture represents the same quality as most stable porcelain bridges.
The patient is fully satisfied. According to him, he has already given up the hope to live a normal life again, but now he has regained vitality and self-confidence.



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