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Thank you for your advice. It will be my pleasure to return
in the future and finish the work I need to do with your
very professional and helpful dental surgery.

Thank you again

2011. 06. 23

George Mine

I had many problems with my teeth so I went for a consultation to Dr Nemeth. She told me that I need root canal treatments, crowns, fillings to have healthy teeth. I got the price of my treatment and it was much less than in England.

I decided to go ahead so made an appointment for a Monday afternoon. By Friday morning all the treatment was done, got zirconium crowns, tooth-coloured fillings, teeth whitening, etc. I am very pleased with the result!

Thanks to Dr. Nemeth and her/your assistant!
2010. 11. 30


In the last few years I was having removable denture. Implantation is very expensive in England so I was just dreaming of having fixed one. One day I was looking on the web reading about implatation and dental care in Hungary. Fortunately I found Best Dental Hungary and Dr Peter oral surgeon. After a bit of hesitating I made an appointment. The customer service booked a hotel for me and arranged the transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic. A professional interpreter translated during my treatment, the doctor explained everything and answered all my questions. I saved loads of money and I got a professional treatment by professional staff. You have great service!

2010. 11. 21

Paul H.

Dear Best Dental Hungary,

I never really liked my teeth. They were discoloured, carious and my dentist had to extract one on the front. I had a removable tooth there but it was so unreal. I decided to get a new smile done in Budapest by implatation and zirconium crown. My old fillings were changed to tooth-coloured fillings as well. The result is unbelievable, looks like my own teeth and Dr Peter also suggested teethwhitening. He did a great job and all the staff are very friendly! I love my new smile! Thank you so much!

Sincerelly Yours,
2010. 11. 17

Paul H.

I lost a few teeth so I needed implantation. I read about Hungarian dental care and found the website of Best Dental Hungary.

I was scared of implantation but on the website I found all the information about the operation and the process of this treatment. Above all that after the first consultation with Dr. Jancsecz Peter I exactly knew what to expect. The intervention was quick and painless, my new denture is beautiful.

The clinic is clean, modern, all the staff with Dr. Jancsecz are wonderful!

Thank you Best Dental Hungary!!!
2010. 11. 12

Lisa Field

I was a bit scared of having my dental treatment done in Hungary but my fear disappeared after I made an appointment. The customer service was very kind and arranged me the accommodation and flight also. On the day of my treatment I got a transfer from the hotel to the clinic. The clinic is very nice, modern, professional and the staff is very helpful. I had no pain most importantly no complication during my treatment. Thank You Dr. Németh for all your help and patience!

Lisa Field
2010. 11. 04

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes

We are very happy with the dental work we had done in your clinic. Your service is efficient, friendly and very professional and the hygiene is very high. Thank You to Dr. Illés for giving me and my husband a new smile!
2010. 10. 30

Eucharia Treanor

I met Dr Peter Janachez in Oct 2008 and he told me he could arrange for me to have a bone graft and implants done. My dentist in Ireland had told me the bone in my mouth had deteriorated and that soon my denture would not stay in my mouth. I checked with 2 other dentists and this diagnosis was confirmed. Despite trying in several surgerys in Ireland I could not get the treatment done at an affordable price.

I had my bone graft done in March 2009 in the Semmelwise hospital. The kindness, caring & professional treatment i received before, during and after surgery was the best ever.

Dr Janczec later removed the stitches, inserted the implants, exposed the implants & put the crowns on the top gum. This took place over the next year to eighteen months. Each time I went to the Zugloifogaszat Clinic I was treated with the greatest of courtsey by every member of staff. I was taken on time for each appointment and the work that was to be carried out in each session was clearly explained. Xray\'s were taken at each stage and were included in the price quoted. The sessions were long on many occasions and I am sure very tiring on the staff in attendance. They were always so pleasant and helpful which eased my fears and worries. Despite a fear of dentist and associated pain since childhood, I was able to stay calm & did not feel any pain while the work was in progress. The anasthesia was really effective. So much so that I then had my bottom gum implanted also.

I have told Dr Peter that he made my dreams come true. I did not think it was possible to have teeth permenantly fixed in my mouth as I had had a denture since I was 18 years old. I absolutely hated having it, and the thought that one day it might stay in my mouth was a nightmare. I feel like a new person & can now smile without fear.

I would highly recommend Dr Peter\'s work to anyone who needs this type of treatment. I enjoyed my visits to the clinic. The staff were always helpful, professional and very kind. I cannot express adequately with words, the happiness I feel with the work completed by Dr Peter. It far exceed my expectations and I shall always be grateful for his genius.

Eucharia Treanor
2010. 10. 27



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