Best Dental Hungary: About us: ISO 9001:2009

Our clinic, the Zugló Centre for Dentistry is operated within the controlled frames of the HN EN ISO 9001:2009 quality standard with 100% compliance. After explaining the abbreviation it becomes clear why we introduced this, and why it was necessary.

HN: Hungarian Standard/Norm
EN: European Norm
ISO: International Standard Organisation
9001: The number 9001 indicates the system of requirements, the sum total of expectations that are indispensable for the full implementation of the services of a specific company. In the case of the Zuglo Centre for Dentistry this guarantees precise and uncriticisable care for our patients.
2009: Updated version of the previous, 2008 standard completed with new expectations and requirements.

Best Dental Hungary

The ISO system of standards includes written responsibilities for our dentists, assistants and colleagues providing customer service, as well as expectations towards them in order to satisfy our patients’ demands in all respects – let us talk about treatments, control examinations, or the provision of an adequate environment. It aims at, and fundamentally expects „patient focus”: our payment system is flexible; our dentists always focus on the aesthetic and other demands of those turning to them with confidence; and our customer service is always available for our patients to provide any information.

The ISO system of standards also requires continuous records keeping of the tools and devices, materials and machines we use in the office. Thus there is no chance of any insufficiencies occurring during the treatment of our patients.

The system of standards includes a so-called Quality Management Manual, which is known - and during their work observed - by all employees of the Zuglo Centre for Dentistry for a perfect work and working process, and to satisfy our patients.

We do efforts to maintain continuous communication with our patients - this is both a basic written and unwritten rule - not only because we want to realize successful treatments, but also because we want to provide feedback from our patients. All our visitors have the chance of expressing their opinion about us through the patient satisfaction questionnaire placed out in the waiting room. This ensures continuous measurement of our performance; and additionally thus seeking for and keeping track of the demands of our newer and newer patients it also contributes to our continuous development.



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