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Our professional painless dental clinic has been operating since 1997. We put professionalism and painlessness on our flag: the most important goal for us has always been to provide our patients at Best Dental Hungary with the most up-to-date treatments with the most modern equipment and the whole palette of dentistry. We soon outgrew our clinic in Ond Vezér Street because of the quickly spreading and bravely smiling group of patients. In December 2004 we moved to our exclusive clinic at Örs Vezér Square 2, and it serves our patient’s comfort in all respects. At this clinic not just the pleasant waiting room but a range of other services (Internet, free WiFi, television, play corner for kids) try to make the possible moments of waiting more pleasant.

The full spectrum of dental treatments can be found at our dental clinic. Thus, from dental treatments using painless methods to implantation, any type of intervention can be performed by our highly qualified dental professionals, who have been working with us for years using the most up-to-date EU-compliant equipment and materials. Treatments for children and orthodontics for children and adults are equally important parts of our activities. Our dental professionals attend domestic and international presentations and congresses regularly, and they apply their updated knowledge to their daily practice.

Best Dental Hungary

Best Dental Hungary operates within the provisions of the HN EN ISO 9001:2009 quality standard. In complying 100% to this standard, our basic aim is to be patient-centred: we can arrange flexible payment conditions, and our dentists are attuned to the aesthetic and other needs of those who confidently turn to them. Our customer service is always available to provide our patients with any information they desire.

Our Painless Dental Clinic works with the most up-to-date EU-compliant equipment and materials. Our clinic, faithful to its name, introduced painless, “drill-free” treatments of diseases associated with caries: during oral examinations tooth surfaces can be examined painlessly by DiagnoDent laser caries measuring equipment! In case a cavity needs to be prepared for filling, a special, so-called Rondoflex tool removes the carious, weakened parts of the tooth painlessly, without drilling and without damaging the intact dentine. Next comes the use of a HealOzone apparatus, which sterilizes the surface cleaned by the Rondoflex hand-held instrument.

During implantation we use the world-leading Swedish NobelBiocare implants. Hungary was among the first countries where implantations were navigated by CT template, the NobelGuide, which allows us to handle the most difficult implant cases.

The metal-free zircon crowns and bridges are made in Sweden using digital technology.

The ConeBeam CT scan has a major role in making diagnoses, and with it an undistorted, 1:1 scale, 3D multi-directionally displayed picture can be made. Thus it allows us to perform the most complicated implant and oral surgery cases.

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